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Double Eagle Capital Dallas

Who We Are

Ernest W. Kuehne, III (Trip) is the founder and Senior Managing Partner of Double Eagle Capital Management, LP (“Double Eagle Capital”). Prior to forming Double Eagle Capital, Mr. Kuehne worked for Legg Mason Wood and Walker, and White Rock Capital. During his 12+ year career on Wall Street, Mr. Kuehne provided ideas for and developed relationships with fund managers determined to have demonstrated superior long-term performance as well as financial and operational stability. Mr. Kuehne attended Oklahoma State University where he earned his undergraduate psychology degree in 1995 and an MBA in 1997. He currently serves on the board of governors of Oklahoma State University and is active with the United States Golf Association.

Dusti Kuehne is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for Double Eagle Capital. Mrs. Kuehne joined the firm at its inception in May 2005 as the CFO. She was named CCO on January 1, 2009. Her prior employment includes serving as CFO for Riptide Trading Company, LP–a restaurant management company. She earned a BS in agriculture economics from Oklahoma State University. In her current capacity as CFO and CCO, she is responsible for the upkeep of financial records for Double Eagle Capital as well as the development, maintenance, and enforcement of compliance policy and procedures within the firm.

Steve Ruoff is a Portfolio Manager and Director of Research at Double Eagle Capital. Mr. Ruoff has over 20 years of alternative investment experience developing and managing absolute return investment strategies. Mr. Ruoff is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of the CFA Institute.